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Originally created for DNA Interactive ( ) TRANSCRIPT: A common technique in genetic engineering is to insert a new gene into a loop of bacterial DNA called a plasmid. The molecular tool used to cut DNA is a restriction enzyme such as EcoRI. The enzyme has a precise shape that allows it to run along the groove of the double helix, scanning for the base letter sequence G A A T T C EcoRI then cuts the plasmid at this specific point... ...allowing a new piece of DNA to be inserted. When it cuts, EcoRI leaves a sticky end, which helps the new gene to attach. The joins are THEN stitched together by another enzyme called DNA ligase. The genetically engineered bacteria is then grown in a culture medium. Very quickly, large numbers of the bacteria can be produced, each with a copy of the inserted gene. The bacteria duly manufacture whatever protein the gene codes for, and so the desired product is produced.

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  • 유전자 재조합(Recombinant DNA)

    재조합 DNA는 molecular cloning 과 같은 유전자 재조합 방식을 통해 실험실에서 다양한 유전물질을 조합하여 만들어진 DNA이다. 이 DNA는 다른 생명체에서는...

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